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Olaf Palm –
‘A California Old Master’

“My painting is a personal language. One, which I hope, everyone can understand. To relate to life and my surroundings through painting is irresistible. I find constant inspiration in the common experience and daily activities of my family and friends.” –Olaf Palm

Olaf Palm (1935-2000)


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"Curly" by Olaf Palm


Olaf stunningly captured this beautiful young man, who worked at a brewery. It was a time when he was attempting to get the essence of a portrait in an hour. The story told me is that when Olaf returned to deliver the painting, he found that Curley had died in a motercycle accident.

"Ray Rice"

"Ray Rice"
Mendocino Artist

"Bill Wilson"

"Bill Wilson"
(Honorary Mayor of Comptche)

Bill Wilson was exactly the kind of man Palm meant when talked about authentic country folks, the type that back-to-the-land 60's people respected and emulated. Informally elected Mayor of Comptche, a village too small to have a mayor, Bill was mostly known for his boundless generosity.

"Three Musicians (at Lark Camp)" by Olaf Palm

"Three Musicians"
(at Lark Camp)

Lark in the Morning Music Camp, a yearly summer festival of international music which Palm regularly attended, is the setting for this painting and a number of others. Palm played bass for several groups at the festival - ranging from swing to Celtic and Balkan - and in his spare time painted portraits of impromptu groups like this although few are as finely rendered as this one.

"Barbara & Christane" by Olaf Palm

"Barbara & Christane"

You can purchase Olaf Palm, A Life in Art by Irene D. Thomas Ph.D.
It was designed by Dale Moyer of Moyer Designs Inc,, and published by Redwood Springs Press.
180 full color images on 144 pages in a 10 x 10 “coffee table,” soft cover, limited edition. $35

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Olaf Palm by Irene D. Thomas

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