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Thursday, July 30 at Hill House Inn, Mendocino

Announcing - Mendocino Ukestration Workshop 2015, Thursday, July 30, 6:30PM - 8:30PM at Hill House Inn. 10701 Palette Dr, Mendocino. Mark and Jane are really pleased to again be doing a ukestration workshop in Mendocino. Times are 6:30 - 8:30PM.

You may ask, "What is Ukestration?" Ukestration is where contemporary songs are arranged into parts for a ukulele orchestra. The very essence of a ukestra is inclusion, so the parts need to cater for a wide range of abilities. Need a part that can be played by old arthritic fingers? Need a part that can hold the interest of a seasoned social player? But a great part of ukestration is also incorporating good vocal arrangements. A ukestrated song not only holds the attention of a wide range of players, but also of the audience.
For more information: You can contact Mark and Jane here, or call Pattie DeMatteo at 707-937-1732.Cost of workshop is $25. Pay by PayPal (below), by check (made out to Mary Jane de Vore), or cash on the day (if places still available).
Go here to find out more about what you get at a Ukestration Workshop.

Saturday, August 1 at Hill House Inn, Mendocino
Los Piratas (The Pirates) was formed to explore a shared love of Afro-Caribbean music and, in particular, the older and more folk based styles of that music. The name of the band points to the idea of borrowing music from other cultures…. sort of Cultural Plundering in the most kind hearted way! Los Piratas play dance music of Cuba, Puerto Rico, and other Caribean islands, music that is very much a part of community and a part of life and, above all, some of the most danceable music in the world! The members of Los Piratas———David Lipkind, Dan Albrecht, Leslie and Michael Hubbert, and trumpet player, Walter Kimmelman——— come from various musical backgrounds and are all veterans of the North Coast music scene.

Doors open at 6PM for casual dining and full bar. Music and dance party starts at 7:30 PM. $10 at the door. 707-937-0554 for more information.

Saturday, August 8 at Hill House Inn, Mendocino
Come on out for some dancing fun when multi-talented musicians play with reverence for the Gypsy Jazz tradition a la Django Reinhardt. Finn Juhl on accordion and Corwin Zekley, violin, are the heart of Gypsy Swing Club. They will be joined by David Brown on guitar and Keith Abrams on bass.

Finn grew up in Northern Germany and at the age of 10 he started learning the accordion. After finishing High-School he got into the world of the Gypsies, the Music of the Romas, the Style of Tango. Mendocino native, Corwin comes from a very musical background has been playing violin for the majority of his life and has been singing and writing songs for several years. Born in New Orleans, David M. Brown began playing music professionally in 1972, playing bass, guitar and tenor banjo, performing swing, Dixieland, pop and other styles. Keith Abrams grew up in Kansas City and was inspired by the great masters of jazz, soul, funk, and psychedelia.

Doors open at 6PM with a full bar and bistro menu. $10 at the door. 937-0554. Hill House offers special room rates for "Friends of the Band"!

Sunday, August 9 at Community Center of Mendocino
The Community Center of Mendocino welcomes Marilyn DeFrange, singer-songwriter-guitarist and Janet Orsi, bassist, to the stage in the Community Room at CCM on Sunday, August 9. A community potluck at 5:30PM will proceed the concert. DeFrange and Orsi are a delightful adult contemporary duo covering a wide array of musical styles including jazz, rhythm and blues, soul, country and pop.The listener can expect a unique experience with this duo’s memorable original music, arrangements that groove and dynamic vocals that capture the heart... ''

Music starts at 7PM. Call 707-937-4133 or go to the CCM website for more information about the event and tickets.

Saturday, August 15 at Hill House Inn, Mendocino
Dance to the music of Soul Survivors on Saturday August 15. They bring on the Motown sound with a mix of R&B, Soul, and flavors of Stax and Altantic Records. Keyboards and vocals from Billy Schieve, Jamie Gilliam on guitar and vocals, along with vocalist Sharon Garner, Johnny Bush on bass and Richie Rosenbaum on drums - there you have a solid sound of emotion. Come out for a fun and energetic walk down Motown Lane.

Billy Schieve began playing music when he was seven years, taking accordion lessons and practicing one solid hour every single day (german mom!).  At age 14, he taught himself piano, organ, guitar, bass, and drums and was playing clubs in the Chicago suburbs by age 16, playing rock n roll, blues, r&b, soul, and jazz.  He continues working and playing music, professionally, incorporating many styles and genres. Billy has had the honor to play music with Paul Horn, Badfinger, and the Beach Boys. At his stage in his career, he is mainly interested in playing music that is gospel-based (soul, r&b, jazz, blues) and tries to emulate Ray Charles as much as he possibly can!

Many local musicians look at Jamie Gilliam as the guitarists' Guitar Man. He was playing his dad's guitar at about 5 years old and he says he is still learning". Having played in many different groups over the years all over the nation, Jamie is quite happy here on the coast with a much more relaxed lifestyle. He will play at every opportunity and realizes this great opportunity to hook up with the Soul Survivors. "They are all high caliber musicians who make playing a joy, and after all thats what it's all about - "Happiness and Joy" So plug me in and let it rip!"

Originally from New York City, Richie Rosenbaum got his foundation studying with New York based classical percussionist Joe Castka. New York gave him the opportunity to see some of the greats up close. He is proficient in many styles of music, ranging from original Rock and Pop, Funk, Latin, West African High Life. His credits include performing with the internationally acclaimed West African band Hedzoleh Soundz, former Byrds member Gene Parsons, Mendocino's Horse Badorties, Judy Mayhan, Mambo This!, Samba Jamba and the list goes on. Currently he is a member of Soul Survivors, The Go To Guys and Bongo Latte.

Sharon Garner has been singing as a lead vocalist in a number of blues, rock and jazz bands since the 1970’s. In Marin County, she sang in a blues/jazz band called Crosscurrents opening for many greats. On the Mendocino Coast, she first sang with the Brown Brothers and in a band with Denny Lunsford, Gary Moran, and Peter Temple. In the late 90’s she helped form the popular blues/funk band, Dyzfunkshun. Today she sings with a variety of jazz & pop musicians including Soul Survivors, Lounge Noir, The Swingin’ Bob Ayres Boonville Big Band, John Gilmore and Nina Mera and the Flat Fives.

Rounding out this fine collection of musicians is multi-instrumentalist Johnny Bush on bass, coveted by many area bands. A Mendo High graduate, he has been playing the local music scene for 35 years. He has shared a stage with David and Bonnie Raitt, played a European summer tour with Jenny Kerr and recorded in the studio with Bill Bottrell. He is also a member of The Mighty T-Bones.

Doors open at 6PM with a full bar and bistro menu. $10 at the door. 937-1732. Hill House offers special room rates for "Friends of the Band"!

Saturday, August 22 at Hill House Inn, Mendocino
Like a trip down the coast on a sunny day with the radio up and the widows down, Highway One will take you on a journey through rock music with sharp turns, patchy fog, and fast straight stretches.With Sean Van Buskirk at the wheel, Philip Dunn navigating, Sean"Connie man" Connolly and Jeffrey Walsh back seat driving, you will want to jump up and go for the ride of your life. Road Worthy Rock from Highway One.

Doors open at 6PM with a full bar and bistro menu. $10 at the door. 937-0554. Hill House offers special room rates for "Friends of the Band"!

Saturday, August 29 at Hill House Inn, Mendocino
Rick Brumbeloe and The Smoke Detectors - Says band leader Rick Brumbeloe, "The band plays all good dance songs including songs that people love and don't get to hear a lot, if at all. That's a promise. No rap or hip-hop, sticking to the classics that are really fun to dance to and sing along with. I like to play at a nice volume and my main concern is always the audience's comfort and fun level." Rick Brumbeloe on guitar and vocals, Logan Smith on drums, Les Tarr on bass, with special guests.

Doors open at 6PM with full bar and casual dining, music at 7:30PM. $10 at the door.

Saturday, September 5 at Hill House Inn, Mendocino
PURA VIDA (PURE LIFE) - Mendocino County’s original Latin inspired dance band, brings eclectic Latin rhythms to the North Coast and  offers authentic interpretations of a wide variety of Afro Caribbean styles. In addition to their signature Cuban son and salsa, the band performs Cumbia, Merengue, Flamenco, and Brazilian Bossa and Samba rhythms, with a sprinkling of Rock, Jazz and Funk. PURA VIDA plays a spicy Latin mix that is diverse, energetic, and always danceable, bringing PURE LIFE to every occasion.

Doors open at 6PM for casual dining and full bar. Music and dance party starts at 7:30 PM. $10 at the door. 707-937-0554 for more information.

Saturday, September 12 at Hill House Inn, Mendocino
After Winesong!, come out to relax and enjoy the music of The Go To Guys - Rhythm and Blues, Funk, and Rock 'n' Roll played with authenticity, displaying the versatility of these veteran players who have a mature approach to music. Jamie Gilliam on guitar - he was playing his dad's guitar at age 5; Billy Schieve - started at 7 playing accordion, then on to piano, organ, guitar, bass and drums; Richie Rosenbaum, drummer - started in New York City playing classical and jazz, adding proficiency in many styles including rock, pop, Funk and Latin.

Doors open at 6PM for casual dining and full bar. Music and dance party starts at 7:30 PM. $10 at the door. 707-937-0554 for more information.

Saturday, September 19 at Hill House Inn, Mendocino
Coming to a Theatre near you - well, in the theater seating at Hill House Inn, anyway. Premier political satirist Will Durst  returns to the Mendocino Coast for his one-man show "BoomerRaging" on Saturday, September 19 for one night only. You can read up on the show and watch a couple of short videos

You may have seen his performance and appearance on screen at the Mendocino Film Festival with "3 Still Will Durst’s acclaimed tribute to the history, growth, joys, achievements, frustrations, fashions and looming doom of the Baby Boom Generation. Ably assisted by his trusty overhead projector, Durst explores the Boomers’ revolutions, evolutions and still vibrant role in today’s youth-obsessed society, which they invented, for crum’s sake. It’s a celebration of the maturation of the Boomer Nation and as an extra, added, special treat- the Meaning of Life.

Acknowledged by peers and press alike as one of the premier political satirists in the country, Will Durst has patched together a comedy quilt of a career, weaving together columns, books, radio and television commentaries, acting, voice overs and most especially, stand up comedy, into a hilarious patchwork of outraged and outrageous common sense. His abiding motto is “You can’t make stuff up like this." The New York Times calls him "possibly the best political comic in the country."

Tickets available at Brown Paper Tickets and by calling 707-937-1732. Doors open at 6PM for casual dining and full bar.

Saturday, September 26 at Hill House Inn, Mendocino
Nothing but dance music when Fidel Angel and CHAMICO take the stage. Not to be confused with "Latin Music", this is Cuban Son sung by un Cubano con corazon. Backed by Michael Hubbert on Cuartro and David Lipkind on Bass, Dan Albrecht, Bongo and special guests.

Cuban roots music. (traditional son from Santiago de Cuba, bolero chacha,guaracha,guajira,etc.
BAILA Muchachos y Muchachas!!!!! Don't miss out on dancing to authentic Cuban music

Doors open at 6PM for casual dining and a full bar. $10 at the door.

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